Gamla Pot Advertisement

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading outdoor facilitating agency to various corporate houses of country. The company is functioning on the concept of creativity and innovations in the field of Marketing Communication (Marco).

proposal for Gamla jodhpur IMAGE - Copy

So, in the world of creativeness we bring out the concept of GAMLA POT Advertising in various location of Jodhpur. That is first in the Jodhpur City of Rajasthan. We awarded this Gamla pot advertisement by Jodhpur development authority on B.O.T. Basis for 10 years,  So this is an opportunity for you to promote your product on required location of Jodhpur.


1. Bomaby Moter to Aakhaliya Chauraha
2. Aakhliya Chauraha to Rajbag Tiraha
3. Bhati Chauraha to Senapati Bhwan to Riktiya bheruji Chauraha
4. N.H.-12 Kalvi Pyau to Banar Road
5. Kohinoor Cinema to Choupasni Road Chouraha
6. Circit house to Kalvi Pyau
7. Saran Nager to Bhadwasiya Railway Crossing
8. Bhaskar chauraha to JDA Circle

The Gamla media size is 3ft x 2ft vertical and visible on all four sides

You can download our proposel from here. [DOWNLOAD]

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