Dot Net Development Packages

Microsoft’s .NET Framework is a new computing platform built with the Internet in mind, but without sacrificing the traditional desktop application platform. The Internet has been around for a number of years now, and Microsoft has been busy developing technologies and tools that are totally focused on it.

These earlier technologies, however, were built on Windows DNA (Distributed inter Net Applications Architecture), which was based on COM (Component Object Model). Microsoft’s COM was in development many years before the Internet became the force that we know today. Consequently, the COM model has been built upon and added to in order to adapt it to the changes brought about by the Internet.

  • We use the latest .NET 3.5 framework of Microsoft technologies.
  • SQL Server 2005 is used as the back-end for the ASP.NET based web applications.
  • Complete knowledge of HTML, DHTML, Java Script & AJAX along with Web services, Web forms, Web server controls, XML, XSL & RSS.
  • Sincere integration with LINQ (Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) in Web pages enabling data retrieval and modification. Applying the principle of object-oriented programming to relational data, it renders a united programming model to query data from different sorts of data sources.
  •  Custom .NET Web-based Solutions Development(Asp.Net with C#, Asp.Net with VB.Net)
  • Convention .NET Desktop Applications Development (C#, VB.NET)
    Customization of .NET applications.
  • Using Silverlight to seamlessly integrate XAML and any supporting code including a managed dynamic-language script module, client JavaScript libraries, a managed-code assembly, into a Web site. In addition, silverlight offers efficient tools to improvise the productivity of developers.
  • .NET Development Consulting services
  • .NET convention Control Development
  • .NET Web Services development